Join three black men born and raised in Flint, Michigan, as they discuss culture, politics, sports, technology, and life. DamauneDon, and Michael bring unique perspectives, thoughts, and a few jokes to your ears. We guarantee it will be dope and…quite Flinteresting.

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#10: Black in the Eye of the Beholder

In part 2 of our conversation about blackness, we talk code-switching, being black in the workplace, being "too black," not being black enough, and we judge Clarence Thomas (see what I did there?) and Ben Carson.

#9: Back & Black!

After a bit of a hiatus, Flinteresting is back for Season Two! This season, we’re going to spend less time talking about the news of the week, and focus on bigger topics. So, this episode is part one of a conversation about being black men in America. We discuss the early years, and how we learned what it means to be black.

#8: The Trump Inauguration (Featuring Big Ferg)

In part one of a conversation with special guest, Big Ferg, Damaune and Don talk about the Trump inauguration. Big Ferg is an insightful friend and mentor of the Flinteresting crew and a black man from Detroit currently living in China.

#7: Black & Blue (or Darlings vs Dollas)

All three of us are together to discuss the mistrial of the Michael Slager murder case. Slager is the police officer who shot and killed Walter Scott, an unarmed black man. We also go on to discuss the general issue of police officers killing black people.

In the second half, we take a much lighter tone and dig into the College Football Playoff from the perspective of three Michigan alums.

#6: The Aftermath (or Salty Newt)

In this episode, Damaune and Don discuss the president-elect’s appointments, how he won, conflicts of interest, Michigan vs. Ohio State, bad officiating, and NCAA playoff prospects. And in Deeez Thoughts, Don gives his final thoughts on season one of Luke Cage (spoiler free), and Damaune talks about fatherhood.

#5: Black Superheroes

Michael Forward, the third member of the crew, is here, y’all! With Damaune out of town, Don and Mike take a much-needed break from the news of the day to geek out over Marvel’s black superheroes. They talk about the current Black Panther comic book (written by Ta-Nehisi Coates) as well as the Luke Cage TV show (aka, “the blackest show on TV”). SPOILERS HAVE BEEN EDITED OUT. You’re welcome.

#4: Know Your Barbershop Rights

Damaune and Don are counting down to the end of the election year and talking about emails, Colin Kaepernick’s youth camp, the Cubs, Don’s Japan trip, and Damaune’s recent barbershop experience.

#3: Bad Hombres

In this shorter-than-usual episode, Damaune and Don recap the final 2016 presidential debate!

#2: Deeez Thoughts

Damaune and Don talk about the debates, SNL, Luke Cage, and the Flint Water Crisis.

#1: Deported to Cabo

Welcome to Flinteresting!
In this episode, Don and Damaune talk about Colin Kaepernick, the 2016 election, marriage, and fatherhood.